SVD sniper 7,62 mm rifle is designed to eliminate various types of visible, moving, open and masked single targets as sniper's individual weapon.

The machine gun uses 7, 62x54r mm ordinary (LPS), tracer (T-46М), armored-piercing (B-32) and sniper (SN) bullets.

The sniper rifle uses single shot firing. During firing, the cartridges are passed through a box magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges.

The sniper rifle is aimed at the target with an optical sight PSO-1М2, and in case of failure of the sight with a mechanical sight.

Effective shot of sniper rifle is 800m. Pulsar Apex XD75 thermal sign is used for night and day in complex weather conditions (fog, smoke, rain), as well as for obstacles that make it difficult to detect the target (branches of trees, etc.).

The sight can be used in various types of medium and large caliber hunting weapons.