NSPU (index PN58) night sight is used to observe the battlefield and to fire from 5.45 mm AK74N2 (AKS74N2), 7.62 mm AKMN2 (AKMSN2), 5.45 mm RPК74N2 (RPKS74N2), 7, 62 mm RPKN2 (PRKSN2) handheld machine gun, 7.62 mm PKMN2 (PKMSN2), 7.62 mm SVDN2 sniper rifle and 40 mm RPG-7N2 (RPG-7DN2) anti tank grenade.

The sight can be operated in the ambient temperature range from - 50 to 50°C and at a relative humidity of 100% at a temperature of 35°C.