12.7-mm CORD machine gun is designed to eliminate enemy light armored targets, vehicles and group forces at ranges up to 2,000 meters and also for engaging aerial targets at slant ranges up to 1,500 meters.

The machine gun can be used in different variants (infantry, combat vehicles, ships, etc.). When the machine gun is used on foot, the fire is fired on a bipod. When changing the firing position, the machine gun is carried by two crew members.

The machine gun allows you to shoot in lying position from trenches of different densities or from a trench on foot, sitting and knee firing positions, specially designed trenches, semi-trenches or positions suitable for firing.

The basic ammunition used for the machine gun is 12.7x108 mm armored-piercing incendiary (B-32), armored-piercing incendiary tracer (BZT-44 or BZT-44M) bullet cartridges.

The machine gun is fired by short bursts up to 2 – 3 shots. During firing the machine gun barrel is cooled by air and provides continuous firing up to 100 shots.

The machine gun is aimed at the target with an optical sight of the SPP and in case of failure is replaced with mechanical sight.

During firing, the cartridges are transferred to the machine gun receiver via a steel belt assembled in the cartridge box with a capacity of 50 bullets.

The machine gun can be operated in different climatic conditions at a relative humidity of 95 ± 3% and an operating temperature of ± 50 ° C. Optical sight type PO5-10х40/B is the main target of large-caliber machine gun "Kord".

The optical sight is designed to fire accurately at a distance of up to 2200 m in the daytime and in the twillight with reticle illumination from a large-caliber machine gun "Kord".

The optical sight works in the open air at a temperature of -50 to 50°C and a relative humidity of 93-97%. The reticle illumination is powered by a 1.5V AA battery.