9K111 "Fagot" portable anti-tank missile system with semi-automatic control system to visually observ fixed and moving targets under various angles at distances from 70 m to 2000 m and from 75 m to 2500 m (depending on the missile used). It is designed to damage tanks and other small armored targets moving at speeds of up to 60 km per hour.

The 9K111 portable anti-tank missile system consists of a 9M111 (9M111-2, 9M111M) guided anti-tank missile, a 9P135М (9P135М-1) launcher and a 9S469M light interference indicator.

The crew of the mobile complex consists of three people: the number one member of the staff is the commander of the staff (chief operator), the second and third staff members are the operators.

During transportation, the first crew member carries the first launching post, while the second and third crew members carry second launching post. The 9P135М (9P135М-1) launching post is designed to aim, launch and control 9M111, 9M111-2 and 9M111M missiles.

The 9S469 (9S469M) light interference indicator operator 9SH119 (9SH119М1) is used to alert the viewer on the presence of active light interferences in the field of telescope view. In addition, 9M113 (9M113M) anti-tank guided missiles are used to fire from the complex installed in combat vehicles BMP-2, BMD-2 and 9P148).

The thermal sight used in the “Fagot” anti-tank missile system is designed to detect, target and fire at targets at night and in limited visibility.