73 mm SPG-9DMN anti-tank grenade launcher is designed to fight enemy tanks, self-propelled artillery, and other armored vehicles (PDM, ZTR, etc.) to eliminate manpower and firearms.

Cumulative and shrapnel grenades are fired from grenades. PG-9В, PG-9ВС and PG-9ВС1 active grenade launchers are used to fire armored targets from grenade launchers, and ОG-9В and ОG-9ВМ grenade launchers are used for manpower and firearms.

In addition, the cumulative grenade can be used to eliminate enemy manpower and firearms in field shelters and buildings. During firing, the grenade is aimed at the target by optical and mechanical sights of PGOK-9 type.

PGOK-9 optical grenade launcher is the main target of 73 mm SPG-9М (SPG-9MN, SPG-9DM, SPG-9DMN) anti-tank grenade launcher and its modifications.

The optical sight is designed for aiming the grenade launcher at different distances during firing using plain and separate targeting methods.

In addition, the optical sight is used to observe the battlefield, to measure angles in the horizontal and vertical planes, to determine the distance to the target if the dimensions of the target are known and to adjust the fire.

PGOK-9 type optical sight consists of two interconnected targets: straight and separate aiming sights.