40 mm RPG-7V2 anti-tank grenade launcher is used against tanks, self-propelled artillery and other armored combat vehicles (PDM, ZTR, etc.). In addition, anti-tank grenades can be used to eliminate enemy manpower located in light field shelters and urban-type buildings.

During the firing, the grenade is aimed at the target with an optical sight PGO-7V3, and with a mechanical sight in case of failure of the sight device of UP-7V.

Firing from a grenade launcher-the cumulative principle of operation is carried out by various types of fire units (PG-7V, PG-7VМ, PG-7VS, PG-7VS1, PG-7VL and PG-7VR), which are tabletop anti-tank grenades.

In addition, the grenade launcher fires with thermobaric and fragmented grenades (TBG-7V və OG-7V). The 40 mm RPG-7V2 anti-tank grenade is aimed at the target with PGO-7V3 optical sight.

The optical sight is designed to aim the grenade at moving and non-moving targets.