12.7 mm M93 large-caliber sniper rifle is a firearm designed to fire accurately over long distances.

The sniper rifle is designed to deal with lightly armored targets (armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, etc.), short-sighted, moving and non-visible, open and masked targets located behind light shelters (field).

A sniper rifle is a non-automatic weapon. Filling the rifle, opening the fire, removing the cartridge case after firing and transferring the new cartridge to the barrel is done by the shooter by manually moving the lighter mechanism. NATO-standard 12.7x99 mm (.50 BMG) sniper cartridges are used to fire sniper rifles.

The sniper rifle uses single shot firing. During firing, the bullets are transferred from the magazine case of 5 bullets.

The sniper rifle is aimed at the target with an optical sight “KONUSPRO-M30 8,5-32x52”, and uses a mechanical sight in case of failure of the optical sight.

The optical sight works in the different climatic conditions at a temperature of ± 50 °C and a relative humidity of 95 ± 3%.

The ZRAK ON 8x56 optical sight is the main sight of the 12.7 mm M93 large-caliber sniper gun.

The optical sight is designed to accurately aim the sniper rifle at small and short-sighted targets.