The "Кornet-EМ" portable anti-tank missile system is designed to combat modern and promising tanks and other types of light armored targets, engineering devices and low-flying air targets equipped with a dynamic defense system.

The complex with a semi-automatic laser beam control system equipped with a thermal sight can be used effectively in the application of night and day, complex weather, radio-electronic, optical and infrared barriers.

The "Кornet-EМ" portable anti-tank missile system consists of a 9P163М (9P163М-2) launcher, a 1PN79М-1 thermal sight and 9M133-1 (9M133F-1) guided missiles.

The crew of the mobile complex consists of two or three people.

The 9P163M (9P163M-2) launch vehicle is designed to aim, launch and control 9M133-1 and 9M133F-1 missiles.