30 mm AGS-17 automatic  grenade launcher is designed to to eliminate enemy personnel and damage firearms located outside open shelters, open trenches and natural shelters in the area (ravines, hillsides).

Grenade fire is carried out with VOG-17 and VOG-17M shrapnel grenade launchers.

Grenade launching is carried out by curved and straight trajectory firing, short (up to 5 shots), long (up to 10 shots) bursts and continuous firing.

The hydraulic regulator, which is in the pulse-trigger of the grenade, ensures that the firing is carried out with a two – minimal and maximum firing frequency.

The minimum firing frequency is 50 – 100 shots per minute, while the maximum firing frequency is 350 – 400 shots per minute.

During firing, the fire cannons are transferred to the grenade  receiver via a steel belt assembled in the cartridge box with a capacity of 29 fire cannons.

The grenade launcher is cooled by air and provides continuous firing up to 300 shots. The operational range of grenade launcher is 1700m.

The destruction radius of the grenade is 7 m. The PAQ-17 optical grenade launcher is the main sight of the 30mm АГС-17 automatic grenade launcher.

The optical sight is designed for aiming the grenade launcher at different distances during firing using plain and separate targeting methods.