Iskander 9K720 is a short-range ballistic missile system. The state trials of the missile completed in  2005. It is named in honor of Alexander the Great. The circular error probable of these missiles is 5-7 meters. The complex is equipped with two missiles with a launch interval of 1 minute. The missile is controlled from the command and control unit until the target is hit. Short-range ballistic missiles can also be equipped with a nuclear warhead.

Intended targets

- Weapon systems

- Missile and air defense systems

- Command posts and communication systems

- Important objects of various infrastructures

- Planes and helicopters at the airbase.

Complex components:

- Command and control vehicle

- Mobile data processing station

- Transporter-erector-launcher

- Transporter-loader vehicle

- Maintenance and repair vehicle

- Crew support vehicle

- Set of armory equipment and training aids